Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union has been building relationships and serving customers since 1955. We care about you and want to help you improve your life.

What makes Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union unique and why should you and your family join Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union? The reasons are endless and here are just a few!

  • 1. Lower rates on autos than most banks.
  • 2. Higher rates on savings.
  • 3. Personal attention and financial advice.
  • 4. Membership for life.

    Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union membership has a domino effect, without an expiration date. Once you've become a member, your relatives and anyone living in your household are eligible too. Your membership remains intact regardless of whether you remain at your current position or seek employment elsewhere.

  • 5. Your vote counts.

    As a non-profit cooperative, Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union offers membership "shares" to you in the form of savings deposits. The earnings on your savings are called dividends (interest). And, based upon the Credit Union principle of equality, each member has one vote-regardless of the balance (or number of shares) in his or her savings account.

  • 6. Simple Process.

    Tulsa Metro Federal Credit Union membership is something you cannot ignore. Come by and fill out a membership card, present two forms of identification, and make a $25 deposit. It's that simple!